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In its FCC filing, Apple touts that its MFi hearing aid platform offers a better experience than traditional hearing aids, while noting that recognizing the. Hearing Aid Mode. iPhone has a Hearing Aid Mode that, when activated, may reduce interference with some hearing aid models. Hearing Aid Mode reduces the. MFi hearing aids are paired using the MFi Hearing Devices option within Accessibility settings. Before pairing your hearing aids, turn them off and back on.

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If you have a Made for iPhone hearing aid (available for iPhone 4s or later), you can use iPhone to adjust its settings to suit your listening needs. Adjusting Your Hearing System. Pairing with an iOS Device. 16– Cell Phone Use. 20– Hearing System Care. Instrument Care. Our latest Made for iPhone hearing aids and our easy-to-use TruLink Hearing Control app are engineered to work specifically with your iPhone, iPad,® iPod.

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My Hearing Centers offers several hearing aids which pair directly to your iPhone and Android devices. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. Audibel A3i is an iPhone compatible hearing aid that fits comfortably into your ear. The receiver-in-canal hearing aid syncs with the TruLink hearing aid. Made for iPhone hearing aids can also be controlled from your iPhone or iPad and there are iOS apps that track data from your hearing aids - like battery life.