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plan layers: Buildings Water Green Streets Boundaries. Containing file formats: PDF DWG Layers. Plan features. Site plan layers in CAD plan + vector map. Ordnance Survey Mastermap Data for CAD. In DWG or DXF format ready for AutoCad. Planning Application Maps · Aerial Photo Data · Large Scale OS Data for CAD use · Height Data in CAD and GIS formats · Medium to Small Scale Map Data · Stanfords For.

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Ordnance Survey Mastermap CAD in DXF / DWG Formats. For Specialist uses using GIS and CAD Software. Jump below map to Select Size. The perfect mapping for planning applications or CAD drawing. OS MasterMap is a most detailed map of Great Britain, covering man-made and natural features. Page 1. WATER. DISTRICT. MAP. WATER. DISTRICT. #1. RWD. #7. SPRING HILL. WATER DISTRICT. RWD #2. REVISED DECEMBER

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Q-CAD will convert your maps, topos, and site plans into CAD files. Learn about how our conversions services will help turn your designs into reality today. Most planning applications require a location plan and a site plan (also known as a block plan), to be submitted as supporting documents. Survey MasterMap, that is used to underpin all the Planning Application Maps, in a range of vector formats which are usable to CAD/GIS packages.