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according to DIN IEC Analog input - RTD temperature probe in 2-wire, 3-wire, or 4-wire circuit; resistance transmitter in. We supply 3 and 6 wire 24AWG RTD extension cable in either 50, , , or ft lengths. Three wires are supplied and insulated in either Heat. I have a 3 wire RTD probe. 2 White wires and a red. I assume the 2 white wires go on the RTD ports,. Where do I hook the red one?

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Two, Three and Four wire measurement techniques have been developed for measuring accurately the resistance of resistive temperature detectors (RTD). RTD wiring configurations allow the instrumentation and control devices to accurately measure the RTD sensor element resistance. There are three main types. The 3 wire RTD sensor configuration is the most commonly used RTD circuit design and can be seen in industrial process and monitoring applications.

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Fluke data acquisition models are designed to measure RTD inputs (Resistance Temperature. Detector) or PRT probes with a 4-wire connection. A 4-wire. Description: 3/ threaded stud probe. 3-wire Platinum Pt RTD output Attachment probe, sensor and cable Compatible with PLCs, meters, data acquisition. T-PRO RTD PT Temperature Sensors Three-wire System,Stainless Steel Probe(4×30MM) Range: 50℃℃ (Feet): Industrial & Scientific.