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Interior architecture is the art of visualizing interior ambiance and developing the interior environment. The design must be aesthetically appealing. The MIA is a studio-based degree program that provides a focused experience for students with an undergraduate degree in interior design or architecture. Interior architecture mostly covers the design of interior spaces of a building, but sometimes may include spaces that have no specific boundaries but used for.

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On a practical level, interior architects tend to be involved in construction or renovation projects at an earlier stage than interior designers. The former. An interior architecture course is a hybrid field of study, bringing interior design and architecture together in a single discipline. It takes a good knowledge. IFI – the International Federation of Interior Architects / Designers (IFI) is the IFI unifies Interior Architecture/Design through globally relevant.

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SR/A Interior Architecture + Design is the partnership of a Parisian designer and a New York architect. This creative collaboration started three decades. Mission Statement. The mission of the Interior Architecture program at the University of Kansas is to educate future professional leaders of interior design. LISAA trains designers and interior architects. LISAA enlarges its expertise and offers focuses at the end of the curriculum in service design.